PDF report


You can produce professional looking reports in seconds. PDF is a standard industry format suitable for high-quality printing. Click "PDF Report" on the main menu to access this functionality.<br><br><img src="https://kwanti.com/images/man/pdf-designer.png" alt="PDF Designer" border="0px" align=""><br><br>The report has a cover page and the following sections:<br><ol><li>Holdings</li><li>Asset allocation</li><li>Stock Sectors<br></li><li>Performance<br></li><li>Stress test</li><li>Correlations of securities</li><li>Funds expense<br></li><li>Securities performance<br></li><li>Disclosures</li></ol>Use the menu on the left side of the window to<br><ul><li>add or remove pages</li><li>specify an alternate portfolio for A/B comparison<br></li><li>customize the content on each page</li><li>change the color theme</li></ul>

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